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My husband (at the time, boyfriend) graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2002 and began working as an Arts Administrator in Washington, DC, where we met. After working for a year, he decided that he missed playing his trumpet. We both grew up in military families, so the military musical organizations were tempting to him. After a successful audition he was asked to join the Commandant's Own Drum & Bugle Corps! He shipped off to boot camp in October of 2004 and began his career. In March of 2010 he was pinned as a Warrant Officer for the D&B, and is currently serving as their Operations Officer and Assistant Director.

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After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2001, I began working as a government contractor. I am now the Director of Quality Assurance & Communications for a large contracting company. I completed my Master's in Education (Curriculum Design & Development) at Virginia Tech in May of 2009.

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